Member Spotlight: Danielle Woods

Member Spotlight: Danielle Woods

Danielle Woods is a Financial Advisor and an Owner of Propel Financial Advisors, LLC. Like many professional services firms, Propel operates virtually with team members located in various cities. Woods just happens to call Maryville home, so she finds the newly-opened Sky City Entrepreneurial Center to be a wonderful place to work.

Tell us more about your business:

My team and I provide comprehensive financial planning services, including investment management, tax planning and preparation, and legal advice to individuals/families, small businesses, trusts, and nonprofit institutions. I’m an attorney, and my partners include two other attorneys, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Four out of five of us are also registered investment advisor representatives. Between us, we own an independent registered investment advisory firm (Propel Financial Advisors), a CPA firm called DW Agosto Tax Planning, LLC; and a law firm called DW Lenski Law Group, PLLC. The CPA and law businesses were born out of need by our financial management clients over the years. My four partners and I work together to provide a kind of one-stop shop for many clients. We have a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and passions that make it fun for us to do our jobs and give our clients a well-rounded experience. 

Tell us about your reason for signing-up as a co-worker at Sky City:

I’ve been working with clients for more than 20 years, and I started in Chicago where I’m from. If you’ve been to Chicago, you know that it takes forever to get anywhere; so, my colleagues and I tended to just travel to see our clients rather than expect them to come to us. When I left my previous employer to start my own firm with my partners, it made sense to just keep doing that. Plus, two of my partners live in Illinois, one lives in Brooklyn, NY, and two of us live here in Maryville. There is no way for us to share a single location, and it’s still easier to meet clients out and about most of the time. Plus, having a permanent location is expensive. That is an expense we would have to pass onto our clients, and we find it unnecessary at this time. Sky City’s shared space provides the perfect solution. I can work at home when I want to, I have a place to go when I need it, and I have a conference room for private meetings.

Tell us about your experience utilizing the Sky City space:

I’ve been coming to Sky City about one or two times per week since it opened its doors in October. I love it. The location is only five minutes from my home and right in downtown Maryville. I can walk to pick-up lunch; I get to talk to other business professionals using the space; play video games when I need a mental break; and have a private conference room for meetings. The full-sized refrigerator and coffee machine will definitely come in handy during tax season. The wi-fi works perfectly.

The clients who have met with me there have been pleasantly surprised that it exists and think it’s great. I’m glad that my having meetings there is helping to advertise! I just sent information to another colleague, in fact. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who needs a quiet and professional place to work.  I know a lot of people go to coffee shops, but I find them too cramped and too loud. Sky City has large tables, comfortable chairs and plenty of room to spread out without all the noise. 

To learn more about what the Sky City Entrepreneurial Center offers and take a “test drive,” click here.

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